The IPCP hosts a number of groups for those with special interests. These are the Under 5’s Reading Group; the Ethics/Advocacy Group; the Attachment Reading Group; the Working with Parents Reading Group; and the Outreach Group.


The Under 5’s Group meets once a month for an hour and a half. The readings are taken from current  issues of the Journals of Child Psychotherapy. Time is spent on discussing a theory paper and on a clinical presentation.

Raine Cohen –


The Attachment Reading Group is focused on attachment across the lifespan. The group meets regularly to read and discuss relevant material, such as foundational readings on the development of attachment theory, as well as the application of attachment theory to understanding the different attachment styles of babies, young children and older children. It also looks at attachment in adult relationships. Currently the group is concentrating on the clinical applications of Attachment Theory.

Johannesburg – Gill Berkowitz –


Working with parents/caregivers is a part of all therapeutic interventions offered to children. The relationship formed, or therapeutic alliance made with parents, has an impact on the therapy and can hinder or enhance it.  There are many dilemmas, challenges, pitfalls and victories that therapists encounter whilst working with parents. Through relevant psychodynamically-focused readings and in-depth discussions, these challenges are interrogated and understood more deeply, so that parents’ role in the therapy can be more clearly understood and worked with. The monthly reading group is interactive and includes a live supervision of a clinical case of one of the group members working with parents.

The group’s supervisor is Nina Wessels, a consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist and a psychoanalyst, with more than 20 years’ experience of working therapeutically with emotional and behavioural difficulties and disorders in children and adolescents.

Zarius Grove –


This group consist of those working in the various child centres in Gauteng, who are concerned about advocating for the rights of the child and promoting good ethical practice in child work. Members of the group are involved in organising the annual Ethics/ Advocacy workshop. They are also members of the Outreach Group.

Hayley Haynes-Rolando –


Bev Tyderman, a child/ and adolescent Psychotherapist, supervises a series of group seminars for those IPCP members working in either government or NGO run child centres. This is a Work Discussion Group, developed at the Tavistock Clinic to enhance the workers’ capacity to perceive and to think imaginatively, both in terms of role and task in the various work settings. Members present detailed pieces of work describing working in a particular setting, for the group to reflect on and discuss.

The seminars are held monthly, on the second Wednesday evening of the month.

Irene Chait –