Clinical Seminars

Work with Children and Adolescents

The aim of the seminars is to deepen the practitioner’s clinical skills in psychotherapeutic work with children and adolescents.

Practitioners will present their clinical work with a child or adolescent over the course of a year. The seminars cover the clinical implications of assessment of emotional difficulties of children and adolescents, developing skills and techniques in psychodynamic play therapy, ongoing work with parents, schools and other key players in the child’s life.  Where applicable the link will be made to relevant psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theory.

The Clinical Seminars are intended for those psychotherapists who are working with children and who want to improve their clinical understanding and skill in child psychotherapy.

Participants are required to present their child therapy cases in the group seminars for discussion and supervision.

To be accredited with these clinical seminars as a Clinical Module for the Certificate in Observational Studies and Therapeutic Skills,  the following is required:

  • Attendance at 30 weekly seminars over a period of a year.
  • Writing a Clinical Assignment of a child psychotherapy case which has been ongoing for approximately one year.

Seminars in Johannesburg are held weekly on a Wednesday 1 – 2pm. Seminars are held weekly for an hour and a half on Thursday mornings in Cape Town.

Johannesburg  – Irene Chait
Cape Town  –  Melanie Horwitz