Winnicott’s Babies & Winnicott’s Patients
16:00 9 February 2024 to 18:00 8 November 2024


Facilitated by Margaret Spelman


We will be studying Margaret Spelman’s book “Winnicott’s Babies and Winnicott’s Patients.” The book makes explicit the parallel between the situation of the baby and the ‘nursing couple’ and the patient and the ‘analytic couple.’ There are chapters that elucidate Winnicott’s thinking and the comparison of the original baby and the one who appears in the course of adult therapy. There are also two baby observations. Margaret felt we should first start by looking at Winnicott’s book, Playing and Reality, which was his last writings where he developed his ideas further. The first part of the seminar will be a discussion of the Winnicott reading facilitated by Margaret, followed by a case presentation, presented by one of the Group members. A copy of Margaret’s book, Winnicott’s Babies and Winnicott’s Patients, can be purchased at R730, (been discounted 10%). Please pay separately from Course booking, referencing Winnicott book. 




  • 16:00 - 18:00 : Winnicott's Babies & Winnicott's Patients

    Margaret Boyle Spelman is a registered clinical psychologist, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and organizational psychologist. She worked in the Irish Health Services for four decades - with aparticular interest in early intervention, parenting and learning disability - and has been in private psychoanalytic practice since 1998. Margaret has herself written two books on Winnicott and has also co-edited a book entitled ‘The Winnicott Tradition’ and most recently one on his closest collaborator, ‘The Marion Milner Tradition’.

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