Winnicott Online Theory Course
18:30 10 July 2024 to 20:00 28 August 2024

Winnicott Online Theory Course

This course is an introduction to the main theoretical ideas and clinical practice of DW Winnicott. It will be based on his original writings, spanning his career as a paediatrician and child psychoanalyst for 40 years. The notions of the mother’s function as a holding environment, transitional objects, the role of play for authentic selfhood, the true and false self, and aggression and the anti-social tendency will be explored. This will take the format of weekly seminars centred around the reading, discussion and application of his ideas.




  • 10 July 2024 18:30 - 20:00 : Winnicott Online Theory Course

    Justine Evans (MA Clin Psych, UCT) is a clinical psychologist who has worked in private practice in Cape Town for 19 years. When she first qualified, she worked at The Trauma Center for Survivors of Violence and Torture, and then in the NHS in Scotland in primary mental health care. She has been a co-director of The Institute for Mindfulness in South Africa and of The Compassionate Birth Project. Her special interest is in perinatal mental health, and she has been associated with The Perinatal Mental Health Project first as a volunteer counsellor and then as a clinical supervisor since 2007. She is a theory teacher for IPCP and has completed her certification in Observational Studies and Therapeutic Skills with Children.